Money to Steam - Steam to Money for a good cause

Gottfried O. Rieck - former steam locomotive engineer and present railway entrepreneur - was always full of passion and ambitious goals. Not only the worldwide known luxury train "Majestic Imperator" bears his signature. As well, in 2013 he founded an elitist cigar club together with three friends in the legendary Palais Hansen Kempinsi, Vienna, Austria.

The members of the Cigar Club not only whiff their cigars. The club and it's members can be described as Think-Tanks of Austria and discuss relevant topics in Austria and further about Europe's future. 

It wouldn't be Gottfried O. Rieck, if he wouldn't set new, ambitious goals and raise the bar. 

Many european politicians are debating about a so called "Marschall-Plan" for Africa. They aim to build possibilities for work and education locally. But we are not only debating, we put ideas into action. 

As part of an adventurous travel through Afrika, Gottfried O. Rieck discovered plenty problems for children and adolescents. Back then he set an objective to help on the spot. Find his moving impressions of the travel in his new released book "Afrika". 



Gottfried O. Rieck and some of his friends of the Cigar Club want to build a school for children, placed in the nature reserve of Rwenzururu Kingdom in Uganda and participate in a project, that offers education for 400 children. The Project RWENZORI ELVERUM EDUCATIONAL CENTER (REEC-UGANDA) has been founded by Mr. Katya Aganatiya. 

This initiative of Rieck should be a contribution for sustainable projects and simultaneously help children and adolescents in need locally. Purchasing the book gives you the opportunity to have an interesting present for friends or customers and equally to finance a school for children and adolescents. 

€ 10 of every purchased book will be donated to the project. 

As well, we offer companies to participate to this project as sponsors. All donations will arrive at the place, where they are supposed to be. 

Let us take an example and quote of one of the most cherished europeans: 

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.


Winston Churchill