REEC – Uganda

Hier finden Sie eine Zusammenstellung des RWENZORI ELVERUM EDUCATIONAL CENTER (REEC-UGANDA) mit allen Informationen über dieses Projekt. Wir wollen dieses Projekt mit Ihrer Hilfe um eine Schule und einen Sportplatz erweitern, um Kindern und Jugendlichen eine Ausbildung und die Möglichkeit einer sinnvollen Freizeitgestaltung zu geben.

Nachricht aus Uganda



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Meaning of REEC:



Rwenzori Elverum Educational Center (REEC-UGANDA) is a foundation and mother organisation of the two schools in Kasese, Uganda, which are registered as private institutions in the Ministry of Education, Uganda Government, East Africa, in the names of

  1. Rwenzori Elverum Image Primary School and
  2. Rwenzori Christian Vocational Secondary School.

The Secondary school project started in 2002 and Primary school in 2009. The idea to have these schools on ground was initiated by Mr. Katya Aganatiya – the founder and Managing Director of REEC UGANDA. Katya Aganatiya is also a Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment Protection in the Rwenzururu Kingdom (The Kingdom of the people of Rwenzori Mountain).

Since the idea of starting up the two school projects was initiated, different projects and activities have been developed and implemented. Most of the projects so far implemented have been so beneficial to the community of Kasese, Rwenzori region and Uganda, East Africa at large.

Rwenzori Elverum Educational Center (REEC – UGANDA) is a service oriented, non-profit making, non-sectarian, non-political and non-governmental organization. It is an informal organization/foundation that brings together the vulnerable people more especially the Orphans who are results of the various civil and political wars that affected many areas around Rwenzori region, victims of HIV/AIDS, clever learners from very poor families who are living below poverty level or surviving on less than 1 $ per day, the youths and other community members living around especially the school dropouts have joined us in the vocational sector to improve on their skills.


To ensure that the active and vulnerable community is supported through academic education and skills development and empower them for future economic development.


Building capacity of the able and vulnerable persons including learners under REEC schools through education and community based services to promote meaningful and sustainable development.


Transparency, Accountability, Commitment, Honest and God fearing.


“Start small and grow big"


  1. The local communities who provide learners to REEC schools.
  2. Old boys and Girls of REEC schools who are aiming high or with intentions to join recognized universities, colleges and other institutions of high learning
  3. Orphans with back grounds of HIV/AIDS, War effects etc
  4. Clever learners from very poor families
  5. Staff members who have the heart of promoting REEC development programs for better future and sustainable development.
  6. External communities who have the heart of supporting and work with REEC management in any development programs of the organization.


  • To invest in formal and non formal education to overcome the debilitating effects of illiteracy and ignorance in the Community.
  • To assist Vulnerable children from war affected families to acquire education at subsidized costs.
  • To promote girl child education to empower them to engage in competitive ventures to promote their developments.
  • To help the Community living around by bringing important educational and other development services nearer to them.


  1. To promote education through academic and vocational studies
  2. To promote Culture and Tourism activities
  3. To promote agriculture through demonstration farming
  4. To promote health and sanitation activities
  5. To promote research studies and documentation
  6. To support Vulnerable children at all levels


  1. Education and Skills development
  2. Cultural education
  3. Demonstration farming
  4. Health and sanitation
  5. Supporting Vulnerable children

Education and Skills development

  • Nursery, Primary and Secondary education
  • Provide global standard education
  • Physical education
  • Promote Games and Sports
  • Promote Vocational studies including computer training
  • Promote storytelling and educative Art
  • Promote field work studies and Work with Researchers for common goal.
  • Public library

Cultural Education

  • Learning about the various cultures of the people of Rwenzori and the world at large.
  • Mother language
  • Tour guidance about the key cultural sites and Geography of Rwenzori Mountain
  • Learning about the importance of preservation of culture and conservation of nature.
  • Promotion of Traditional foods

Demonstration farming

  • Crop farming
  • Domestic animals and poultry keeping
  • Vegetable growing
  • Bee keeping
  • Agricultural mechanization works

Health and sanitation

  • Promoting good and safe water in our schools and to various homes of our school parents.
  • Promoting good hygiene to learners in our schools and to various homes of our school parents.
  • Promote clean environment by improving on toilet facilities, garbage collection and tree planting.

Supporting vulnerable children and their families:

  • Fees and material support to the Orphans
  • Fees support to Clever children from poor families
  • Bursaries and material support to talented and clever children from poor families.
  • Support for small income generating projects to the widows and skilled poor parents.

The Secondary School Project

1. No of girl students in the School 182 girls  
2. No of student boys in the school 137 boys  
3. No of female staff members (teaching and non teaching staff)   11 Staff members
4 No of male staff members (teaching and non teaching staff)   23 Staff members
  Total 319 Boys and Girls 34 Male and Female staff members


The Primary School Project

1. No of all girls in the Nursery and Primary School 157 girls  
2. No of all boys in the Nursery and Primary school 145 boys  
3. No of female staff members (teaching and non teaching staff)   10 Staff members
4 No of male staff members (teaching and non teaching staff)   15 Staff members
  Total 302 Boys and Girls 25 Male and Female staff members



  • First of all we are a private organization which is based on the local Community which provides learners to our schools and contribute some little fees that helps on staff and learners welfare. These are valued as REEC local partners in development.
  • We do local fund-raising and sometimes ask friends internationally to help us basing on ones will and according to our priority areas in need of support.
  • A good number of text books in our main Library, are donated by friends and well-wishers in and outside countries.
  • REEC – UGANDA is also working with other local development organizations that have the same objectives of promoting education for the local communities to benefit from.

In my Capacity as the Proprietor / Managing Director of REEC Schools and at the same time as the Kingdom Minister in-charge of Culture, Tourism and Environment Protection, many times I do my services while promoting the Kingdom Ministry which was signed to me by “King Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma” – the King of the people of Rwenzururu Kingdom around Rwenzori Mountain.

It is through this Capacity of leadership that I got Otto and Monika of Austria in Kasese Uganda and linked them to the King for friendship linkages.


  • We have constructed some building structures for some offices and class rooms to cater for the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools on our own land on Kihangwa Road, Kilembe Quarters, Central division, Kasese Municipal Council.
  • We are running hostel services to accommodate learners from long distances. Both girls and boys are considered on this program and we provide meals to all of them.
  • We have signed a memorandum of understanding with Kasese Municipal Council to upgrade Kilembe-quarters playground for public use in the games and sports activities. On this very program, we have constructed a gravel football pitch on this ground and fence it and games and sports activities are going on well.
  • We are running a Public Library at REEC main campus and it is benefiting our school learners and the local community living around.
  • We have started the project of advertizing Companies and Individual businesses at Kilembe-quarters playground (KASESE STADIUM) through bill boards.
  • We teach academic and Vocational subjects and improves on skills of learners especially in the areas of Computer studies, Creative Art and designing, Music, dance and drama, Appropriate technology etc
  • We have acquired land which is being organized to accommodate different farm activities and we would like to use this land as a demonstration farm for our school learners to benefit from, since Agriculture is one of the science and practical subjects we teach in both Primary and Secondary levels. The farm project is also expected to support the school community with different types of food and serve as a source of income for mentioned schools.


  • Uplifting the internal system of Rwenzori Christian Vocational Secondary and Elverum Image Primary and Nursery Schools by putting more efforts in programs like school fees support to the disadvantaged children and vocational studies such as computer training program, music, dance and drama activities, Art and craft work, catering services, Appropriate technology and library development.
  • Construction of a complete and well equipped Computer laboratory which will be able to accommodate 100 learners / students during computer training lessons.
  • Improving on water and sanitation program by taping more water and improve on the current system of pit latrines in the school to water born toilets.
  • We would also like to create a separate income generating activity such as the Bee keeping Project which will be community based to benefit our staff members and the widows with orphans in schools more especially through the sales of the harvested honey per season.
  • Organising the compounds of our two schools and set a system of general cleaning including simple renovations and painting work of the building structures in place.
  • Opening a website for REEC development activities.
  • We will continue with the gravel pitch development work and also put more efforts on the project of advertising people’s or company businesses through bill boards, which must be displayed around the playground for the public to know all about the businesses in various place of the country and the world at large.

We finally request for support of any kind to help and uplift the education of learners including the disadvantaged persons in our two schools in Kasese Uganda, East Africa for a better future.

“We strongly believe in working together as friends”.

Below are some of the photos for our school Projects and I have also scanned the two certificates for the two schools for you to know that these schools are officially operating with permission from the Government of Uganda.